What is the difference between Cryoskin and Cool Sculpting?

Faster Results

For most customers, Cryoskin results are seen immediately! 3-6 sessions are recommended for best results. Afterwards, treatment results can last for years! – it is recommended to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

Studies have shown up to 45% fat loss from 3-6 sessions!

Customizable to Your Body

Cryoskin fat-freezing treatments are faster than CoolSculpting and are more customizable. Cryoskin technicians hold an instrument that becomes cold, and then they move it around your targeted areas. Not only can they customize the areas and intensity of the treatments you want, they are able to switch in between two settings on the Cryoskin machine. The first setting, CryoSlimming, freezes and destroys fat cells. The second setting, CryoToning, targets skin and cellulite by increasing circulation and collagen production. You can combine the two or focus on one setting depending on your needs and desired fitness results.

Meanwhile, CoolSculpting places stationary instruments on your body and sucks up your skin in a vacuum-like process, which can be painful.

No Discomfort, No Skin Damage

Cryoskin has all the fat loss benefits without the horrible side effects like nerve damage. This treatment is known to be comfortable– even relaxing!

The treatments are very safe and non-invasive. Many clients visit us during the lunch break or immediately before or after a workout. There is no down-time after the treatment.

Also, Cryoskin heating and cooling effect has been found to increase oxygen supply, aiding collagen production. What does that mean for you? No damage, just smoother skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

More Affordable

Cool Sculpting can cost thousands of dollars, while Cryoskin treatments are under $350 a session, and even cheaper with a package

Tightens Skin

Unlike CoolSculpting, Cryoskin also tightens loose skin, which post-baby is typically looser anyway and can use sculpting and toning help.