Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cryoskin safe?
Yes! Because other types of cells in the body require a far lower temperature to begin to break down, this treatment will not disrupt or damage the internal tissues surrounding the fatty area being treated. The skin is protected and benefits from the application of our gel, which includes hyaluronic acid in its formula.
How does it work?
The Slimming and Cellulite treatments involve the use of cold temperatures to trigger a naturally occurring phenomenon in the targeted fatty area called apoptosis, or programmed cell death. The session begins with 2 minutes of heat and then a decrease in temperature to as low as -4 degrees C for the duration of the session. Fat cell apoptosis begins to occur at approximately 4 degrees C. Lowering the temperature further allows for deeper penetration in the fatty area. The fat cells affected during the treatment will pass through the lymphatic system and exit the body in the form of urine, sweat and bowl movements over the next 14 days.

Facial and Toning sessions, also, involve the application of cold temperature; however, fat cells are not affected by these treatment types. Instead, facial and toning sessions target skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, sagging, mild forms of cellulite and unevenness in tone. Toning and Facial treatments will improve the microcirculation in the area of concern and increase collagen and elastin production. Results can be seen immediately following a CryoFacial session. Peak results will be seen three days following a CryoToning session.

What are the benefits?
Cryoskin treatments have been proven to be a safe and effective way to break down fat cells in the body and improve microcirculation, collagen and elastin production. It is considered an alternative to liposuction and surgical lifting that work in conjunction with processes that naturally occur in the body. Potential side effects are rare and less in severity than going under the knife or opting for more invasive treatments. Additionally, the cost of Cryoskin therapy is significantly lower than the cost of surgical fat removal and CoolSulpting (Please refer to the “What is the difference between Cryoskin and CoolSculpting?” question on this page for more information).
How does it feel?
The treatment is painless. Some clients even go so far to as to describe it has rather pleasant. This is due to the massage technique and the session beginning with warmth and gradually decreasing in temperature.
Who shouldn’t have Cryoskin treatments?
Anyone with any of the following conditions should not receive a Cryoskin treatment:

  • Severe Raynaud’s syndrome
  • People who suffer from VERY poor circulation
  • Pregnant woman
  • Severe diabetes
  • Cancer
How often can I have the treatments?
Slimming sessions (CryoSlimming + CryoCellulite) can be done every 14 days, which allows the metabolism time to dispose of the cellular fat waste. When failing to adhere to this 14-day waiting period, one risks overloading the metabolism.

CryoToning and Cryofacial sessions can be done every 3 to 7 days until desired outcome is met.

Can I work out before or after the treatments?
Yes! There are no side effects from these treatments that will prevent you from working out. Be sure to drink plenty of water while engaging in exercise activities!
What do I need to bring?
Nothing! We provide you with everything you will need at your scheduled appointment. We are, also, happy to remove any makeup for you at the beginning of CryoFacial appointments.
Are there any side effects?
The side effects from Cryoskin therapies preformed on men and woman who qualify are very minimal. Following CryoSlimming and CryoCellulite treatments, urination may increase in frequency and in amount in the three days following the treatment. The color and consistence may also change. This is temporary. Urination frequency and consistency will return to normal after these first few days following your Slimming/ Cellulite session. In many cases, localized redness in the skin will appear immediately following the treatment. This temporary redness will disappear in a few hours.

Few may experience some temporary itching following their treatment. This is due to a reaction of certain cosmetic products used by the clients. To avoid any potential skin reaction, do not wear any fragrant lotions or cosmetics on the body to your appointment.

Some may experience delayed onset muscle soreness from their abdominal Slimming sessions. This is due to the treatment unintentionally engaging the abdominal muscles. Soreness will dissipate within hours.

Who should do this?
Anyone who is looking to permanently remove stubborn pockets of fat, cellulite, or reduce inches can be considered a candidate for CryoSlimming or CryoCellulite treatments.

Anyone who is looking to lift, tone, smooth, brighten their skin and remove mild cellulite from their bodies can be considered a candidate for CryoToning and CryoFacial services.

Why do you need the gel?
The gel is designed to provide protection to the skin during the cooling segment of the treatment. It also contains hyaluronic acid which has many antiaging benefits for the skin.
How long do the results last?
Results from Slimming and Cellulite packages are designed to be permanent. However, if proper diet and exercise plans are not put in place, fat and cellulite CAN return.

Scheduling periotic single session maintenance sessions are recommended to combat regression caused by lifestyle.

Facial and Toning treatments will require periotic maintenance treatments in order to combat further aging of the skin that will occur naturally as time passes.

How quickly will I see results?
The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. However, it should be noted that the best results appear 15 days to 3 weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months to years upon completion of the treatment package.
Should I limit what I eat and drink?
In order to obtain the BEST results, when scheduled for a CryoSlimming or CryoCellulite appointment, we recommend the following:

NO consuming alcohol for the 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment

NO Carbs and NO Sugar 2 hours before your appointment and 2 days post appointment

What is the difference between Cryoskin 2.0 and 4.0?
Cryoskin 4.0 has all the same AMAZING benefits of the 2.0/ 3.0, but here are some of the NEW treatment options and features:

  • Static Slimming: 40 mins of localized fat loss and increased consistency in treatment application
  • Static Slimming designed to treat dense and fibrous cellulite; i.e. CryoCellulite
  • Static Drainage (i.e. electro lymphatic drainage) designed for use on clients with sluggish lymphatic systems, swelling in limbs, or those not seeing results quickly